Getting a new website is exciting.

Thinking about the colours, the styles, the layout, the endless possibilities.

It’s understandable that you would want to jump into it feet first and hire an agency or freelancer quickly to build your new website.

Before you do, I wanted to make you aware of a few hurdles or problems you might face.

I’ve been running a website design and marketing agency for over 2 years. Prior to that, I worked as a marketing freelancer for about 2 years and I’ve noticed a number of frustrations and problems with most website design companies.

What are the main problems you might face when hiring a website design agency or freelancer?

Little Understanding of Your Business

A lot of website design agencies and freelancers don’t take the time to truly understand your business. They tend to focus on surface-level information, e.g. how many pages do you need, what do you sell, how can people get in touch.

By only focusing on the basics, they will miss some really important information that could lead to you getting more inquiries and sales later down the road.

To design and develop a high performing website, your website design company or freelancer should understand:

  • Your target market
  • The features of the products/services you offer
  • The benefits of these products/services
  • What makes you different from your competitors
  • Your future goals for the business
  • Your business marketing strategy
  • Any much more

Without gathering this information, it’s pretty much impossible to create a website that’s good enough to do what you want it to.

No Support Post Launch

Another major problem with website design companies and freelancers is the level of support you get from them once your website has gone live.

It’s only natural that you’ll have a few questions and/or changes once your new website is live and you’d expect to be able to contact your website design company or freelancer for a little support.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some agencies feel that once your website is live, you are now on your own.

It’s sad, but it happens.


Most website design agencies and freelancers are project-based, not account-based like traditional ad agencies or IT support companies. They may not have the people and process in place to provide the kinds of ongoing enhancements and support that clients inevitably need like a support team or account managers.

No Understanding of SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO will play a big part in the success of your website. It’s about how well your website follows the guidelines that Google set.

Most website design companies and freelancers understand and focus entirely on DESIGN. They tend to focus on making your website look good and leave the SEO stuff to you.

That’s ok if you know what you’re doing but wouldn’t it be good if your chosen website design agency or freelancer at least thought about search engines while building your website.

After all, you could have the best-looking website in the world but if your potential customers or clients are not finding you on Google then what’s the point.

Being Cheap

Unfortunately, bargain-basement rates are the kryptonite of many people who want websites but have little knowledge of how things work in website design. Once they see that a website design company or freelancer offers very low rates compared to the competition, they jump by chance.

The problem with cheap website design companies and freelancers is that you will truly get what you pay for. Building a website that generates leads and clients on a regulars basis takes a lot of time. Most good developers build up to 4 websites at max per month.

Now think about it, if you are being charged cheap fees for something that takes so much time, what shortcuts is the developer going to make. How motivated and invested are they in your website design projects and the overall long term success of your website? What sacrifices are you unconsciously making? – poor customer service, no traffic to your website long term, etc. 

Non-Responsive Web Design

The world wide web is a very mobile place, with worldwide mobile population usage at 67 percent (more than two-thirds of the total global population), with many more smartphones being used than desktop devices. You want your website to appear well on all screens, so don’t leave your website design in the hands of a non-responsive website design company or freelancer.


As you can see, there are many potential issues you will want to look out for when approaching website design companies and freelancers for your new website.

Be very careful to do your research before hiring a website design agency for your new project and please note, for reasons listed here, I don’t recommend hiring a freelancer for your website.